What is H-Flex Steam Liner for Fructose?

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Fructose is a product that requires a temperature between 45ºC and 55ºC to achieve adequate fluidity for its discharge. It is generally transported in tanker trucks that have integrated heating and allow it to be kept warm during the entire transit or isotanks that have a steam circuit for heating. These two options have a high cost due to the shortage of isotanks and of this type of trucks.


LiquA has developed a heating system for our flexitank that manages to heat and discharge Fructose in a reduced time and at a much lower cost. This innovative system called H-Flex Steam Liner, allows the transport of Fructose in bulk in 20-foot containers for transoceanic transits and without the need for tanks with integrated heating systems or isotanks. Once it reaches its destination, the Fructose must be heated for discharge.


What is H-Flex Steam Liner for Fructose?

H-Flex Steam Liner is the heating system designed by LiquA for products that require very high heating temperatures such as Fructose. Thanks to its innovative sauna-type heating system, the H-Flex Steam Liner heats the entire flexitank surface at the same time. Unlike a conventional heater pad with a serpentine under the flexitank, this system achieves a much more homogeneous heating by heating over the entire surface and in a much shorter time. The steam is released inside the container and comes into contact with the entire flexitank. Heating occurs in a controlled manner without, in any case, reaching temperatures that could damage Fructose. This fact, however, does occur with the conventional system, since it heats only from the bottom and can reach temperatures in that area that damage Fructose.


The total heating time to discharge 24 tons varies between 3 and 5 hours depending on the ambient temperature of the discharge zone.


This flexitank allows Fructose to be transported and unloaded in a simple way, significantly reducing the costs involved.


What are the main advantages of H-Flex Steam Liner for Fructose transport?

Easier to find equipment.
Our flexitank and its heating system is fitted in 20ft containers, so there's no need to tanker trucks or isotanks which are difficult to find. In addition, due to the flexitank's patented design that does not exert pressure on the container walls, almost any container is considered suitable for installing the flexitank.


Discharge time reduction.
LiquA sauna type heating system significantly reduces discharge time. A conventional flexitank heating system can take several days to reach a temperature of 45ºC, however, with the H-Flex Steam Liner it is possible to heat and discharge the product in a few hours (3-5 hours depending on the ambient temperature). Thanks to the introduction of steam that comes into contact with the entire flexitank surface, the heating rate increases exponentially.


Reduction of logistics costs.
When it comes to transport using 20-foot containers, the transport cost is considerably reduced compared to the use of tanker tanks or isotanks.


Higher customer satisfaction.
High satisfaction on the buyer / consignee side due to easy and fast discharge, lower possible demurrage costs and higher production efficiency at consignee plant.