What is the K-Flex big bag for olives?

What is the K-Flex big bag for olives?
The shipment of the olives in bulk is generally carried out in 200-liter drums, which contain olives and brine. It is very important to maintain the quality of the product throughout the transit. Thanks to our innovative technology, at LiquA we have achieved a more efficient transport and storage system with a greater capacity than the usual drum system. We can help you with the shipment of olives to different parts of the world in a more efficient and economical way.
LiquA has developed a “K-Flex” two high stackable big bag for olives with a capacity of 1,000 liters capable of safely transporting the olives and brine to the final destination. With this big bag, a higher payload per container or truck is achieved, thus reducing transport logistics costs.
The big bag for olives has a simple funnel-shaped loading system that allows the process to be carried out in a few minutes. In the same way, the discharge is carried out directly onto a hopper with the lower opening of the big bag. It is a very simple and more efficient operation, reducing loading times by 75%.

What is the K-Flex big bag for olives?

The K-Flex big bag for olives is an innovative transport and storage system for olives and brine that increases the payload per container. It is a collapsible big bag, which does not take up space when empty and has a loading and unloading system made specifically for the transport of olives in bulk.
The K-Flex allows the olives to be stored with brine indoors or outdoors up to a maximum period of one year.
What are the main advantages of the K-Flex Big Bag for olives?
Higher Payload. Using the big bag for olives, 20 units of 1,000 liters can be loaded into a 20-foot container, a total of 20,000 liters. In a 40-foot container, 20 units of 1,300 liters can be loaded.
Reduction of loading and unloading time. Each 1,000-liter big bag is equivalent to 4 x 250-liter drums, so loading operations are faster. The loading and unloading time is reduced to 1/4.
Reduction of storage space. Once the big bag for olives is empty, it takes up practically no space since it can be folded, so there is no need for a storage space for the big bags once they are used.